Sustainability & Environment

Trident Power’s Commitment to Sustainability and Environment: A Comprehensive Overview

Trident Power


Core values

Trident Power has evolved into a company upholding strong values of integrity, honesty, fairness, and credibility.

Regulatory Compliance

We place the highest priority on complying with all laws, regulations, directives, and rules within the framework provided by all concerned Authorities and laws of Pakistan

Health, Safety & Environment
  • The Management puts great emphasis on Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment.
  • The health, safety, and well-being of our employees and the communities where we operate remain our top priority. Safety is our foundation for success.
  • We are committed, through the use of technology and strict compliance with the country’s rules and regulations, to protect the environment where we conduct our business with electric power generation, preserving water quality, and in general, protecting the environment for the general public
Operation Reliability

Our dedicated team ensures we provide safe, reliable, and efficient operations. During the operation phase of the powerhouse, environmental management becomes a routine function, as an integral part of the powerhouse operation. The operation and maintenance setup for the operation of the power plant after commissioning should include one staff to supervise and monitor the operation and maintenance staff for optimal performance in the social and environmental aspects of the project as per the laws of the land.

The proposed projects shall yield a positive impact on the study area in terms of raising the social status of the local people by generating the employment during construction and operational phase.

Training & Development
  • Trident Power has a robust training program for its employees to understand and ensure compliance with the company’s commitment to QHSE, Regulatory, and operational reliability.
  • The objective of the training program is to ensure that the company is operated and managed by engineers who have experience and understanding of the complexities of business operations and be prepared to mitigate and handle the challenges involved.
  • Trident Power provides great career opportunities for those who work for us, we value our people and reward those who contribute to achieving our business goals.

Trident Power


There will be no adverse impacts of the proposed project expected on a long-term basis, though a few short-term adverse impacts can be forecasted which could be mitigated through good engineering practices during the construction phases of the project

There will be no human resettlement issue as a result of Project Construction. However, the land resources of the project area will be directly affected in terms of overtaking of land areas for the construction and installation of project components.

In net, the Project will emplace significant positive social impacts in the area. Employment opportunities and training will be provided to a large number of unemployed youth. They will receive lifetime benefits through skill training, capacity building, and poverty alleviation. A large number of semi-skilled and unskilled workers in the Project area will be hired during construction.

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