Mr. Fiaz Ahmad

Group Chairman

  • Mr. Ahmad is the Chairman and Managing Partner of Group Companies. He joined the Group since its inception in 1994 and have continued to develop from a small Engineering office to what is now a Pakistan based group. Today this company’s structure enables to provide with exactly those capacities and skills which is the need for the success of projects. The optimum co-operation between all the technical disciplines, group has now become a matter of daily routine. It leads to specific relationship from which a client can benefit. He has been responsible for promoting new ventures and transforming the Group into the diversified business it is today.
  • Mr. Ahmad is a renowned acclaimed business leader with deep and comprehensive expertise in introducing new projects in emerging markets. He is credited with launching various projects of civil construction, Real Estate, Automobile, Food & Beverages, oil & gas, and Alternate & Clean Energy. Mr. Fiaz is currently a director in Trident power companies and LNGFlex.

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